1.What is 100% real Indian human hair?
100% real Indian human hair is unprocessed, virgin Remy hair that has not undergone any chemical processes to ensure all cuticles lay in the same direction.

2. Where does Indian hair come from?
Distributors regularly visit villages and temples to purchase Indian hair that has been auctioned. This allows the distributors to inspect the hair and select only the highest quality human hair.

3. Why is Indian hair becoming the hair industry standard?
The versatility of Indian hair is incomparable because of the natural wave pattern, texture, and one directional intact cuticle allowing endless styling options. Whether wavy, curly, thermal set, or roller set, Indian hair maintains its style and luster. The hair is so natural looking it may be mistaken for your own.

4. What is virgin Indian hair?
Authentic unprocessed hair that is naturally wavy or curly when wet. Virgin hair is not altered by a chemical means. Cuticles are one directional to prevent tangles. Virgin Indian hair comes in shades of natural black and brown shades.

5. What is Remy hair?
Remy hair is hair with the cuticle intact and one directional. Because the cuticle is left intact the quality of Indian Remy hair is unmatched.

6. What is the difference between "machine tied" wefts and "hand tied" wefts?
Machine tied wefts are wefts that are made with a special sewing machine. Hand tied wefts are hand made wefts that are smaller and thinner than machine tied wefts allowing the hair to lay flatter . Hand tied wefts are more secure and allow longer wear while reducing shedding.

7. What is bulk hair and weft hair?
Bulk hair is loose hair that has been cut without adding a weft. Bulk hair is used for braids and fusion. Bulk hair is sold by ounces. Weft hair is hair that is held together by thread, either by machine or hand. Weft hair is most commonly known as tracks.

8. How should weft hair be cut?
Machine tied wefts can cut at any length along the weft usually without shedding or raveling. Hand tied wefts should be used as one continuous piece. If hand tied wefts are cut, it should be hand tied or sealed with weft sealer or strong bonding agent.

9. How much hair should be ordered?
Usually 6 to 8 ounces of hair is used for a full head. Our bundles are 3.5 ounces.  The fullness of the hair desired and diameter of the client's head should also be considered when ordering.

10. Can I color Indian hair?
Hair can be colored as normal using temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent colors. Hair should be colored by licensed stylist.

11. How should Indian hair be maintained?
Hair should be cared for as you would your own hair. Sulfate free and Sodium Chloride free Shampoos and Conditioners should be used. Care should be taken when combing not to damage the weft to insure durability.

12. How long can Indian hair be used?
Hair may be used and reused for up to 1 year or longer dependent upon care. Make sure hair is thoroughly dry before storing it to avoid damage to the hair. Store in a cool dry place in a breathable bag.